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 Mihonoseki is in the east end of the National Park Shimane Peninsula. There is the Miho Shrine which was established over 1,200 years ago in Mihonoseki. The people in Mihonoseki have been taking over the religious services at the Miho Shrine without a break. Mihonoseki is a tranquil fishing village facing to the See of Japan and being backed by hills. The streets are kept in traditional style. As strolling with feeling the history, you can put the bustle of big cities out of your mind. There is little traffic on the streets and you can hear the peaceful pop sound from the fishing boats. If you listen carefully, you could hear the sound of the bass drum and the flutes from the Miho Shrine.
To overlook Miho Bay from Fukuma-kan

A banquet hall (Bokkaku-no-ma)  
 This inn was established in 1717, mid-Edo period, and we have been greeting the worshippers at the Miho Shrine for about 300 years. We have served excellent cuisine used products of home waters with our whole hearts. We have had many well-known writers like Yosano Akiko, Yosano Tekkan, Saijo Yaso, Takahama Kyoshi and Kawahigasi Hekigoto as guests once. We have many calligraphies of them in our inn.

A cottage, an annex to an inn

 We also have three cottages, Hashizu-ya, Hamano-ya and Oshimo-ya. Three of them have a different charm from each other. We especially recommend them to you who want to feel easy at home escaping from the bustle of big cities. All of them has bath and toilet. We serve you meals at the main building.      


Shiro Sano, an actor,
who experienced
a scooping of flying fish.

A guest who caught a large sea bream.
 We have a sport fishing boat. You can enjoy marine sports, boat fishing and a view of the costal area. In early summer, a scooping flying fish is a popular attraction.

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