[ Accomodations ]

In main building

  (Ocean view) 2 rooms with 12tatami mats
          2 rooms with 10tatami mats
  ( Hillside ) 6 rooms with  8tatami mats

Three cottages annex to the inn
You can take your pets with you in one of them.



* All of the rooms are Japanese style.

 Each rooms has a hair drier, a dressing gown, a pair of slippers and so on.

  You can see BS TV and access the Internet in the lobby area.
                      (free of charge)

   Check in : 16:00

   Check out: 10:00

                      Free public parking lot: 20 passenger cars or 5 large-size buses.

Bath room  There are two bath rooms. You can use them around the clock. Each one is available for a family with a prior reservation. We prepare towels, body shampoo, rinse-in- shampoo and so on.

Main building<Ocean view>
Japanese style 12tatami-mats room

( with a balcony, bath and toilet )

 This type of rooms are available for 4 and more guests, and guests can use adjoined two rooms. You can enjoy the view of the Mt. Daisen (the National Park) and the Sea of Japan .You can stay relaxed while enjoying the superb view and feeling the sea breeze.

[lodging plan]

plan 1:
including dish with foods in season

・plan 2: for family 9,000yen/p.

of under 3: free ,

   3 ~ preschooler: 1,500yen,

  the lower classes of
      primary school: 50%,

  the higher classes of
       primary school: 70%

Main building<Ocean view>
Japanese style 10tatami-mats room

( with bath and toilet )

 Through the windows you can see the Sea of Japan and Mt.Daisen over the Miho Bay far a way. You can hear faint sound of engines of ships in the silence of the night.

Main building<Hillside>
Japanese style 8tatami-mats room

 The rooms which is the most suitable to the people who want to eat delicious food as economically as possible. You can make yourselves at home after being satisfied with fresh sea food.
Meals are served in the ocean-view restaurant or the banquet hall where you can enjoy the works of writers and artists.
There are two family bathes. Restroom is outside of guestrooms on each floor.

[lodging plan]
plan 1:
including dish with foods in season
     8,000 ~ 12,000yen/p.
・plan 2(reasonable for family )

children of under 3: free,
3 ~ preschooler:
   without meal 1,500yen,
   with meal 3,675yen
 schoolchildren: 50%

A cottage
<Old private house Hasizu-ya>


 We reconstructed the old house which was used to be the inn for shipping agents. We reserved the structure of the building unique to Mihonoseki. The house was built in Edo period and is about 200 years old. The scenery through the windows is almost as same as the old days. You can feel as if you had been transported through time to the Edo period.
 It was installed all electrical appliances in the house. It is fully equipped with electric water heater bath, western style toilet, IH, refrigerator, washing machine and so on. There are household utensils, so you can stay there as long as you want economically.

A cottage <Old private house Hamano-ya>

 We reconstructed the old inn of Edo period. We reserved wicket door, clay wall, mono-board ceiling which used to be equipped in the inns in Edo period. There are remained a lot of traditional furniture like an open hearth, a long hibachi. Each items will make you feel free and relax.

A cottage < Old private house Oshimo-ya>

 It remains traditional seaside house style unique to Mihonoseki which has a earth floor leading from seaside road to hillside one. You can see the port from the well-style courtyard. It is suitable for a large group or family to stay. Pets are permitted in this inn.


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