[ Meals ]

 The Sea of Japan is a rich repository of marine products. We serve you cuisine being used the products in season. You can have the meal at the ocean-view restaurant or the banquet room where you can enjoy the works of writers and calligraphers.

    Breakfast: 7:00 ~ 9:00
    Dinner:   17:00 ~ 21:00

 ・spring: sea bream dish

 ・summer: shellfish, squid, turban shell, rock oyster

 ・autumn: red snow crab, shrimp

 ・winter: local snow crab, red snow crab, midwinter yellowtail, flatfish, flounder filled with roe

additional dish (including tax and a service charge)

raw material in season dish 2,500 ~ 5,000yen

rock oyster, abalone and turban shell dish 3,000 ~ 7,000yen

red snow crab dish 2,000 ~ 3,500yen

local snow crab and midwinter yellowtail dish 5,000 ~ 8,000yen

The Breakfast and lunch with fish caught in the fixed net in the morning 1,200 ~ 2,500yen
                                (If there is a catch.)

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